• Maximum capacity is 1000 milking cows

  • Daily production is approximately 40 tons

  • 60 tons/ day feeding

  • 900 births/year

Our Story 


Our farm was founded in 2007 and is located in the Foça/İzmir district which  has an excellent climate and environment for dairy cows.  After our first shed was constructed, we imported 400 pregnant heifers from Uruguay and started milking sessions manually.

We continued to import additional pregnant heifers from different parts of the USA.

During this time, our feeding center  and silage pits were constructed.  Consequently, we started to prepare our own feed with our Wheel Loader and Mixing Wagon.

Over the next few years as the size of the herd increased along with greater  milk production, we  made necessary investments for milk tanks, tractors, health service tools as well as building two nurseries.


With these investments  we managed to increase our average milk production to 40 kg/cow which is almost double  the production compared to conventional Turkish dairy farms.




Address: 1475. Sok. No.1 K.8 D.802 Alsancak,Konak İzmir

Email: info@tazesut.com.tr

Phone: +90 232 823 49 60

© 2007 TAZE Dairy Farm. Created by Rustu Koten

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