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Herd Management

We use a state of the art system, AFIKIM, to have comprehensive control and management of our herd. AFIKIM, with its unique features, is considered to be the most efficient herd management software in this sector. Thanks to the software we are able to monitor our herd  closely  recording all activites in the herd. We use the information generated by the software program to prevent unexpected problems and improve the health conditions of our herd which helps to improve profitability.

•Monitoring life-cycle of every calf.

•Monitoring milk efficiency in lactation groups.

•Heat Detection

•Weight Checks


•Veterinarian services


Animal Walfare And Sheds

There are three sheds for milking cows and three sheds for heifers in our farm.

Our sheds are airy and spacious. Thanks to the mild weather and temperature that is comfortable for the herd for almost the entire year. To be able to prevent heat stress in summer, there are fans with a spray system in our sheds.We have approximately 25 m2 space per animal in our sheds.

Our cows are rested in organic beds which are cultivated and dried daily. All manure is scraped by tractors and removed from the standing line and pushed into the manure pits.


Address: 1475. Sok. No.1 K.8 D.802 Alsancak,Konak İzmir


Phone: +90 232 823 49 60

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